Interview with Kim from Dreamhub



Kim from Dreamhub (Denmark) writes to us about how he uses AudioCubes in his live performances:

"I adjust to the overall response I get from the audience or whatever state of mind I'm in - and perform on a very intuitive basis, so it is important for me, that the performance reflects the dynamic changes I make - though the music itself might not be very dynamic. The audience does not move or dance. They often get transcended into a meditative state or simply enjoys the calm atmosphere.

Although I do some clip triggering in Ableton Live, more often I fade things in and out, adjust effect-levels, sends, and play software-instruments live and controlling effects. I'm most interested in using the AudioCubes for continous control.

I used the AudioCubes last night at my performance and they certainly had a positive impact on the audience - and I myself felt more that I shaped the music and sounds. Amongst other things I controlled simple EQ high, mid and low on the main out with three sensors. It was very exciting."

Read a full interview here with Kim about his work:

Kim played recently at the UN Climate Change Conference in December of 2009.