Simon Mills on AudioCubes


Simon Mills (from Nottingham, U.K.) got in touch about his recent work using AudioCubes:

I've been doing two acts - Simon and Eliza, where we use 2 cubes - she has control on effects on her voice in Ableton Live, and I do effects on tracks like lowpass filters and delays. With Bent, I have the cube on the keyboard, and add effects for the vocalist without her having to think about it. I don't need to tell a sound guy where to add reverd or delays on her voice, I do it with my left hand as I play basslines and a vocoder. In the photo you can see an AudioCube in front of nearly 15,000 people.

We're really excited to use AudioCubes live - we'll be doing a lot of shows and festivals. I have a number of songs in one set in Ableton Live, with them being triggered when I hit various keys. Alongside each song I have the MIDI track for each song containing the info for the colours of each cube with certain colours happening with certain points of the song.

I even created a MIDI track for each cube that I can play which basically switches them off. Next we would like to use the controller info from our hand movement to go back into the cube so it changes colour as we move our hands. We love the cubes, they're amazing and definitely add a performance factor to our show... brilliant!

I've got to help a five piece band out now, as I'm producing them - and I'm going to get the cubes involved with them too!

Simon's work with singer Eliza:

About Simon's work with Bent: