AudioCubes received the prestigious #MaxMathews award (#Qwartz) (April 2009)


We were nominated a while ago for one of the awards at the Qwartz festival back in April, in the Max Mathews category. You can read the original blog post here.

Musiques & Cultures Digitales is a magazine from France which has a special on the festival. They did an interview with us about the AudioCubes, which you can read using the above links. We are grateful for the attention we got at the festival and would like to thank the people who organized the festival and were so kind to us. In particular, Alexandre and Clemence from Qwartz.

We were very honoured to have received the award from Taylor Dupree (K12 records). More information about the nomination at

After the ceremony we had the chance to meet Wolfgang Voigt from KOMPAKT and his charming wife, who expressed quite a bit of interest in the cubes.

Check out the article about the Qwartz Award below (in French).