PluginWrapper, the plugin-in-plugin for AudioCubes


Picture 7Do you know about PluginWrapper?

It's a VST/AudioUnit plugin we released back at NAMM2009 in January. It is capable of hosting your favourite VST and AudioUnit effects and instruments, mapping AudioCubes sensors instantly to the parameters, without having to MIDI map anything.

You can also send MIDI controllers and notes to the plugin to control the AudioCubes colours.

We developed the plugin after getting numerous requests from people using AudioCubes.

MIDIBridge, the original application we developed for AudioCubes, is a very powerful piece of software that lets you do pretty much anything with the AudioCubes, and which is sort of the swiss arme knife for the AudioCubes user. You can use it with both software and hardware instruments.

However, with that power also comes some complexity. Some people don't like to map anything and just want to get going with it. That's why we made PluginWrapper.

It won't do all the powerful stuff MIDIBridge does but it's perfect for a lot of situations, like when you want to use just one AudioCube in the studio to control some audio effect parameters or design some loops or sounds using your favourite VST synths and DAW.

You can read more here about the application, and there is also an in depth page on using the wrapper in real life situations.