European Bridges Ensemble on AudioCubes



Kai Niggemann (M√ľnster, Germany) is one of the musicians active in the European Bridges Ensemble, along with Georg Hajdu (Hamburg, Germany), inventor of the interactive network performance environment

Kai has been quite active with the AudioCubes in their live performance setup - we decided to interview him about the work of the ensemble and their use of AudioCubes. Read the full story here:

We are EBE, the European Bridges Ensemble.

Using the term bridges as a metaphor, our initiative makes an attempt to bridge cultures, regions, locations and individuals, each with their particular history. Particularly Europe with its historical and ethnic diversity has repeatedly gone through massive changes separating and reuniting people often living in close vicinity.

The aim of the project is to further explore the potential of taking participating musicians and artists out of their political and social isolation by creating communities of like-minded artists united by their creativity and mutual interests.