Alone with AudioCubes, Captivating Performance by Mark Mosher


In this video Mark Mosher plays AudioCubes as a "keyboard instrument" with visual feedback and simultaneous effect/instrument control. The cubes are used both to trigger notes, as well as control sound parameters and provide visual feedback.

You can read more about the performance here:

It's such an organic and textural piece, I decided to play the entire song from Percussa AudioCubes using only spatial control via hand movement. Ableton Live is playing back the pulsing drone, but almost all other elements are being played live via the AudioCubes. The AudioCubes are in "sensor" mode so placing my hand in front of a cube face plays a note on a virtual synthesizer hosted out of Ableton Live - almost like a Laser harp.

The track Alone comes from Mosher's album REBOOT, which you can get here (name your price):