9BOX methodology: AudioCubes setup created by Mark Mosher


Planning to do a live performance with Percussa AudioCubes and looking for some interesting ideas for your setup? Here's the perfect answer: 9BOX methodology created by Mark Mosher. We already wrote a short blog post on this two weeks ago (Mark Mosher’s 9BOX System for AudioCubes a hit in local school), but now we provide you with some more information regarding the installation.

9BOX Methodology (Mark Mosher)

Mark Mosher is an electronic music artist from Boulder (CO, US) and a very active Percussa AudioCubes user. He created the 9BOX methodology which he describes as "a system for performance, improvisation, and spontaneous tribal jams with music, sound, and light". The system is based on Percussa AudioCubes and Ableton Live.

Not only did he make a manual where he explains this set-up, but he also created templates and patches that, as Mark describes "will allow players to spend more time making music and sound than configuring hardware and software". All this information and much more is also available on this website a website especially created for the 9BOX methodology.

At the moment 9BOX methodology is based on a set-up of 6 AudioCubes and it only takes a couple of minutes to set-up, as shown in the video below.

More information about Mark Mosher's work: