Antonio Machado being interviewed about new musical instruments by Portugese TV Channel


Last week SIC TV, one of the major TV Channels in Portugal, did an interview with Antonio Machado about new musical instruments. During the interview Antonio talked about the AudioCubes as well as a number of other new musical instruments such as the Tenori-on, Eigenharp Alpha and Pico. Please have a look at the video below to watch the interview (in Portugese). To see the AudioCubes in action, scroll down to 2:03.

Antonio Machado is a very active and enthusiastic AudioCubes user from Portugal. "The cubes are simply fantastic! I'm using them more and more in different setups." he wrote to us. For instance, he's using them in a live theater show for kids, Ti-To-Tis, which we talked about last week (AudioCubes used in a live theater show for kids: Ti-To-Tis) . For those of you who remember, he's indeed the Antonio who made those beautiful pictures of the AudioCubes in spring (AudioCubes in Spring pictures (: gorgeous pictures taken by an AudioCubes fan and user)