Pictures of AudioCubes at TEDxKids@Brussels


Wednesday 1st of June, we attended TEDxKids@Brussels which took place at St-John's international School in Waterloo, Belgium (also: AudioCubes will be shown at TEDxKids@Brussels). Presenters from all over the world, such as Mark Frauenfelder from Boing Boing, gave very interesting talks about the importance of technology. More specifically, they stressed how important it is technology becomes a significant part of the education of kids. While parents were attending the presentations, the kids were having a great time at the workshops where they learned to make their own chair or even to solder electronics.

AudioCubes at IBBT Booth TedxKids@Brussels (Picture taken by IBBT)AudioCubes at IBBT Booth TedxKids@Brussels (Picture taken by IBBT)

During the breaks people could make music with the AudioCubes at the booth of IBBT (TedxKids Brussels: Technology versus Education). Parents and kids were very curious to know how the AudioCubes work, and had a lot of questions, especially after all those talks/workshops about technology. Everyone was very excited about the AudioCubes, and wanted to try them out for themselves. Of course, we would like to thank Lies and Jouna of IBBT for doing an excellent job at the booth.