9BOX: Jamming AudioCubes with Several Players at the same Time


9BOX Methodology (Mark Mosher)

You're planning to organize a social musical jam, or you want to use the AudioCubes for music education or music therapy, and you're looking for an interesting way to use the AudioCubes with several people at the same time? How about 9BOX of Mark Mosher?

In previous blog posts, we already briefly discussed 9BOX, but we haven't talked yet in detail about some of its features and possibilities.

The 9BOX system is a methodology created by Mark Mosher and is intended for performance, improvisation or tribal jams with music, sound and light, as Mark describes on his 9BOX blog.

The advantage of 9BOX is that you can use it with 1-4 players all at the same time, without having to change any settings or doing any reconfiguration. In the pictures below you can see how you can use 9BOX with several players at the same time.

9BOX can be used by 1-4 players (Mark Mosher)9BOX can be used by 1-4 players (Mark Mosher)

To use 9BOX you only need a computer, 3 to 6 AudioCubes, Ableton Live, powered USB hub, and load the templates which Mark Mosher created for 9BOX in Ableton Live. It only takes 5 minutes to set-up as these pictures of Mark Mosher clearly show.

The basic idea of 9BOX is to use boxes of 9 clips (3x3matrix) which can be mapped to the AudioCubes. You can load several 9BOXes into the template, and every 9BOX can play a specific role, for instance one for Tone, one for Rhythm, or for Lights and Tone.

It is very easy to change the sounds and musical phrases on-the-fly by dragging refills to a 9BOX. There is no need to stop the music making, because the mappings never change. You can even make your own refills, as Mark explains here.

9BOX is receiving quite some interest from other users around the world. A couple of months ago, a local school in Denver started using 9BOX (Read More: Mark Mosher’s 9BOX System for AudioCubes a hit in local school). Recently, Thomas Schilz from Alaska started to use 9BOX. Click here to see some pictures from Thomas Schilz' 9BOX installation.

In the video below Mark Mosher demonstrates 9BOX.

You can see a 9BOX live performance of Mark Mosher at the Electro-Music 2011 festival (AudioCube Jam), which takes place at the Greenkill Retreat Center Huguenot in New York (September 9-11).

Mark Mosher has been a very active user of AudioCubes, and has produced some great music. More information about Mark Mosher:
*9BOX system: