Live Performing Artist from Ukraine uses AudioCubes


Madruss using AudioCubes during a Live Performance in MoscowMadruss using AudioCubes during his live performance

Madruss is a live performing artist (PA) from Ukraine, who's now living between Russia and Germany. He's using the AudioCubes already for more than 2 years to produce his tracks in his studio as well as to perform live on stage.

"I bought my two AudioCubes in Saint-Petersburg 2 years ago after the long night trip through the techno clubs there. I needed controllers which can work with the space for the philosophy of world moving in my new minimal techno performance", he says.

Madruss is using the AudioCubes to produce tracks and to perform live: " I'm using them for controlling all the parameters in the process: from the beginning of idea till the final track is ready and during my live performance".

Madruss' music is based on ideas of Kaffka and red wine: "Like the family is the center of our areoles, minimal techno is the all life neighbor", he explains.

Drinko-1 is an example of a track which he created using AudioCubes. In the track he uses Minimoog bass parameters, compressor parameters, Ableton for clip starts, which were all controlled simultaneous with two AudioCubes.

Drinko by Madruss

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