Featured Question: Are AudioCubes only for DJing or Live Performance?


We sometimes get questions from musicians, DJs, producers, ... who wonder if the AudioCubes are something created specifically for DJs.

As a reminder, the AudioCubes are a hands-on professional hardware and software tool for people who create and/or perform art, whether it is sound, music or visuals, using hardware, software and computers.

The hardware consists of smart wireless blocks, with a powerful built in signal processing computer and light source, that tells your computer where they are located and what their orientation is relative to other blocks nearby, as well as other objects such as your hands or fingers.

Your computer then takes this information, and using our freely available software applications (see and possibly other software or hardware you already own, into sound, music, visuals, graphics ...

So in short, yes, the AudioCubes can be used when DJing, but they are not just a DJ tool. They are a powerful hardware and software toolkit that can be used in sound design, composition, music production, live performance, DJing, VJing ... See for example this video that touches on sound design:

Visual feedback in this video is controlled by the AudioCubes' sensors and MIDIBridge. Or check out this video, created using our latest app IMPROVISOR for AudioCubes (also a free download, see

It all depends on how many AudioCubes you have, what software you use with the AudioCubes, how you set them up and which creative ideas you bring to the table :-) If you are a DJ and are using software such as Serrato Scratch, Traktor, Deckadance or perhaps something else, you can easily connect the AudioCubes sensors to effect parameters, instantly giving you control over four different parameters using only one AudioCube. The AudioCubes sensors are short in range, but high in resolution and speed, exactly what you need as a DJ (or live performer).

The recommended application to use with your DJ or live performance software is MIDIBridge. Check it out here:

In case you're wondering about how a DJ setup might look like with AudioCubes, here is an example video created by Daniel from Elektron, our friends in Sweden:

Colour feedback is controlled by the MIDI clock, coming from the DJ software and being fed into our MIDIBridge software. If you are not a DJ, but a live performer, AudioCubes again easily fit into your work and setup, and really bring your performnace to the next level. Check out this video by Mark Mosher (visit his blog at

So you see, AudioCubes can be used at any point in the creative process, from the very start when you are looking for new sounds and are in exploration mode, until the very end when you are on stage performing your music.

We work many years to create next-level technology, consisting of hardware, software, example sounds and templates, and you bring your creativity, create something unique and amazing using our tools, and build a strong fan following that brings rewards and fame :-)