Performance of Mark Mosher at Electro-Music Festival


Poster of Electro-Music 2011 FestivalPoster of Electro-Music 2011 Festival

Mark Mosher just announced on his website more details about his upcoming performance at the Electro-Music festival.

During his performance he'll be playing songs from his album I hear your signals as well as his next album. The performance will take place at the "theater" on Friday 9th of September at 11.30 pm.

The next day, Saturday 10th, he'll do a seminar at 4pm: Ableton Live Real-Time Performance Tips

Mark will also do an AudioCubes Jam on Sunday 11th, at 5:00pm. For all of you who want to see Mark Mosher's 9box social instrument, you defintely have to attend Mark Mosher's Audiocubes jam.

Also, Mark Mosher's song Dark Signals is selected for the Elektro-music 2011 sampler CD. Congratulations Mark!Sampler CD Electro-Music 2011

For more information about all the other performances and seminars which are going to take place at Electro-Music festival, you can find more information on the home page of electro-music.