AudioCubes at Berklee College of Music


Berkelee college of musicAndreas Wittich is a recent alumni from the world-known Berklee College of Music from their Electronic Production & Design program (EP&D).

Andreas Wittich's work has been focusing on a broad range of applications covering: composition, sound design, audio visual Installations and interactive software design.

His recent projects have been focusing strongly on the implementation of technology and music with music therapy under the guidance of Dr. Richard Boulanger, Professor of Music Synthesis at the Berklee College of Music.

Andreas Wittich, alumni of the Berklee College of MusicAndreas Wittich

Specially my work has been dealing with the concept of gesture mapping to translate a physical gesture to a musical one. During the first phase of this project I was working on implementing the AudioCubes into this scenario taking advantage of their simple nature of being a cube, similar to what children do with building blocks, as well as taking advantage of the infrared sensors on all sides.

Andreas Wittich presented this work at a Music Therapy conference held at the Berklee College of Music in 2010.

I presented the idea of holding one of the AudioCubes and triggering generative music according to how the AudioCube was held which would then trigger a visual reaction using colors. The other AudioCubes would be available to trigger commands on the software like changing the mood of the music and the soundscape.

We're really looking forward to receiving more news about the progress of this project as well as the work of Andreas.

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