AudioCubes MIDIBridge2 updated to r37, now includes modal dialog on exit


AudioCubes MIDIBridge2 with modal dialog on exit

If you've been following the blog lately Mark Mosher, Lux Seeker and Paul Harriman are at Electro-Music with their AudioCubes this weekend. I would have loved to be there too but can't make it this time, unfortunately.

Before Mark left for Electro-Music he asked if it was possible to add a warning dialog box to MIDIBridge, such that he would get at least a warning if he accidentally clicked the close button on MIDIBridge during a live gig.

MIDIBridge is our main application for generating MIDI notes and continuous controllers using AudioCubes (see Mark has been using it with Ableton Live, and he developed his own performance method using the AudioCubes, MIDIBridge and Live, called the 9Box system. You can read more at

So here it goes: I added a modal dialog box to MIDIBridge first thing in the morning, and it's now available for free download here on the Percussa blog! Hope you have a great show Mark, Lux and Paul.

Mac OSX version: [download id="35"]
Windows version: [download id="36"]