Live Performance of Mark Mosher at Electro-Music.


Last week, Mark Mosher did a live performance at the Electro-Music festival in New York. For the second time in a row, Mark was invited for a live performance at the electro-music festival.

Mark Mosher when playing his song "I can see them" at Electro-Music 2011 (picture by Hong Waltzer, visuals by Project Rouri who are processing a live camera feed)Mark Mosher at Electro-Music 2011 (picture by Hong Waltzer, visuals Project Rouri)

Mark's performance was a great success and all concerts were broadcoast as real-time audio feeds on the radio of electro-music. Below, you can listen to his entire set played at electro-music.

This live broadcast was made possible by Damon Mar (live mix), Adam Holquist (live stream mix), Project Rouri (Visuals) and Paul Harriman (leading force behind the electro-music radio).

John Morley, an electronic musician who's also using the AudioCubes, took some awesome pictures during Mark's performance.

Mark is currently busy editing the video made during his performance. We'll definitely let you know when the video is ready.

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