Cathie Travers: Composer and Performer from Australia


Cathie TraversCathie Travers

Cathie Travers is a composer/ performer from Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Music (hons) from the University of Western-Australia.

Cathie Travers has worked for 36 years in a whole range of music genres. During the 1970’s she was a singer-guitarist, and then keyboard-player in rock bands [strictly analog at that time]. From 1980 Cathie worked as a classical pianist, and specialized in avant-garde repertoire including the use of digital technologies (late ’80-’90), and for the last 10 years as an accordionist in primarily gypsy/tango and other more folkloric settings. As well as writing and performing in concert settings, she has also worked quite extensively with dance and theatre companies.

As a composer, performer and arranger Cathie Travers has received many awards and commissions, which allowed her to explore music, theatre, and dance from many ethnicities all around the world. Her creative journey all started when her Opus 1 “In search of the gods” was awarded a National Youth Composition prize by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1975.

Over the years she has worked with many artists and several dance-theatre companies from all around the world, such as the WA Ballet Company, the Black Swan theatre, El Quattro, Luciano Pavarotti,…

Below you can watch a video of Cathie playing some of her own tunes and covers.

The last few months she’s going back into digital music, she says:

I’m excited by the possibilities of contemporary digital technologies. The tools enable interesting results in real time as the processing power of even a laptop is very workable…I had many frustrating hours last century ;-(
I’m looking forward to exploring some possibilities for live performance with the AudioCubes, my iPad, MIDI accordion, a bunch of VST’s, Max 4 Live and a pile of Ableton packs.

We’ll keep you all updated about the work of Cathie Travers and of course, how she’s going to integrate the AudioCubes into her work.

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