Interactive Sound installation with 12 AudioCubes by Kim Pedersen


Kim Pedersen is a visual artist as well as a composer and performer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Dreamhub is his main electronic project where he composes and performs ambient, space music and chillout. He was invited to perform live on TV at the Official climate conference COP15 Ecumenical service in the Cathedral of Copenhagen in December 2009.

Kim bought a set of 2 AudioCubes a couple of years ago, and recently got funding to buy 12 new AudioCubes for building an interactive sound installation (Lysets lyd).

The interactive sound installation has a duration of 4 hours and will take place at the 21st of October, 17th of November, and 3th of February 2012 in a Church (Vor Frue Kirke, Copenhagen).

The music is composed by Kim Pedersen, and Nick Rothwell is programming the Max/Msp patch between the Audiocubes and Ableton Live. Each cube can trigger four notes in a Sample - instrument in Live - and corresponding clips will send CC-information to the cubes and control the lighting. Also, a random device in Ableton Live and some clever follow-action clips will ensure some uncertainty as regards to the sounds being triggered and the color of the cubes. Audio from the installation will be recorded and made available as a free download.

Lysets Lyd: Interactive Light and Sound installation with 12 AudioCubes (by Kim Pedersen)Lysets Lyd: Light Sound installation with 12 AudioCubes (by Kim Pedersen)

Have a look at this preview video

Kim Pedersen is more than happy to make this interactive sound installation happen in other venues across Europe upon request.

We'll definitely keep you updated about Kim's project.

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