Happy 7th Birthday Percussa


Paper Prototype Audiocubes (2004)Paper Prototype Audiocubes (2004)

Thursday, 6th of October Percussa turned 7! Happy Birthday Percussa :-)

Did you know that Bert's idea for creating the AudioCubes started long before founding Percussa?

While studying at Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Bert developed a strong interest in hardware, engineering, electronics, and human-computer interaction. Together with two other students at Stanford Bert created a customized dance pad and a laser harp, as part of one of the assignments at CCRMA.

The laser harp very similar to Jean-Michel Jarre’s harp, but with multiple laser beams, distance sensors and special optics, giving you velocity, angle and distance, besides just a simple note-on and off.

This Laser harp project was a trigger for Bert Schiettecatte to continue this work and create his own musical interface, the Audiocubes.

In April 2004 Bert presented the concept of the AudioCubes at the CHI2004 conference in Vienna. The first prototype of the AudioCubes were used in an art installation created in collaboration with Peter Swinnen during the Champ D’Action Time Canvas festival.

prototyping system audiocubesprototyping system audiocubes

Bert spent several years on R&D to improve the prototype and to commercialize the product. In January 2007, the AudioCubes were launched on the market and offered online on the website of Percussa.

In the meantime, several applications have been created for the AudioCubes. It is a professional musical instrument which can be used by live performers, sound designers, music composers, and developers making interactive applications. For each of these uses an application is available.

Percussa is still working very hard on R&D to create new products and applications, and to stay the leader in tangible interface technology.