Samanta Ewart interviewed by the Parramatta Sun Newspaper


Patient (left) using AudioCubes during a session together with Samantha (right) Picture: Gene Ramirez (source: parramattasun)Patient (left) using AudioCubes during a session together with Samantha (right) Picture: Gene Ramirez (source: parramattasun)

Last week Samantha Ewart, PhD student at the University of Western Sydney, was interviewed by the Australian Newspaper, the Parramatta Sun, about her research and interests in music and health.

The Parramatta Sun article is titled: “A doctorate student is bringing the halls of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead alive with the sound of music”.

Samantha Ewart (supervisor Dr. Garth Paine) researches how new forms of interactive music technology can distract teenage patients from boredom within hospital to help promote wellbeing, and the AudioCubes are part of her research.

In the interview Samantha explains how she combined her music degree, and interests in health and disability:

"Learning about music and its therapeutic qualities has been a revelation and I'm enjoying the opportunity I have to combine my interests in health, disability and the community through the study of music therapy and music technology"

Samantha volunteers at the Nordolff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre every week. In the music therapy sessions she works with a group of adolescents with mental and physical disabilities. She says in the interview:

"I appreciate the power that music plays in ringing out creative expression and enhancing well-being"

We totally agree, Samantha :-) Congratulations!

The article published by the Parramatta Sun can be read here: Research hits the right note

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