Video of Tralala Blip shown at Unsound Festival


Unsound FestivalThe Unsound Festival is an annual music festival about advanced music, and takes every place in Krakow, Poland. Last month, 12th of October 2011, the 9th edition of the festival took place.

During the 9th edition of the Unsound Festival, Zeb Schulz and Lawrence English gave a presentation concerning “Disability Art, Performance and Professional Musicians with Varying Abilities".

They talked about recent developments in musical interfaces, and the possibilities they create for people with disabilities to compose music and to perform live. While traditional instruments such as keyboards and a computer mouse are hard for them to use, these new interfaces offer a wealth of possibilities for them.

As an example, they showed the video of Tralala blip's live performance at the Liquid Architecture festival.

Tralala Blip at Liquid Architecture 12 (Brisbane, Australia)Tralala Blip at Liquid Architecture 12 (Brisbane, Australia)

The AudioCubes are one of the electronic musical instruments Tralala Blip is using to compose their music and perform live.

The audioCubes can help disabled artists overcome barriers, as Jeremy from Cascade Services, an organization that helps artists with disabilities, explains in one of our blog posts from last year.

"The audiocubes are an amazing piece of hardware! The great thing about it is that its enabling people who can’t use conventional controllers to add depth and dimension to their recordings themselves.”

Thanks Randolf for sharing this information with us!