Tralala Blip keeps on doing a great job


Tralala Blip at Liquid Architecture 12 (Brisbane, Australia)Tralala Blip at Liquid Architecture 12 (Brisbane, Australia)

Lydian, Leanne, Mathew, Randolf, and Zac from Tralala blip, or the "Blippers" as they call themselves, are very busy as usual. The end of november they were invited to do a performance at the Apple University Consortium in Brisbane.

For those of you who don't know Apple University Consortium, it is a consortium which was created when Apple first released the Apple Macintosh in 1984. Apple entered into a partnership with nine Australian Universities to create the Apple University Consortium. The goal of the consortium consists of supporting Apple technology in higher education through a fund that offers several grants.

The consortium also hosts the Create World Conference 2011. It is a "3 day performance, presentation, and professional development event, specifically for academic and higher-education technical staff in the digital arts disciplines." This year the conference took place in Brisbane, and Tralala Blip was invited for a live performance during the conference.

Performance of Tralala Blip, Sky Needle and Mad ManiaThis week, Tralala Blip did a gig with Sky Needle (from Brisbane) and Mad Nanna (from Melbourne) at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

Even though the holiday season is almost there, Tralala Blip keeps on working very hard. Next week, they're doing a live performing for the opening of "Not What They Appear" exhibition together with their friends at Red Inc.

Of course, we'd like to congratulate the "Blippers". Again they've been granted funding and support for 2012 from the Regional Arts Fund NSW!

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