Live Interview with Bert about AudioCubes at Time Drone show


Saturday January 28th, Bert is invited for an interview at Time Drone. Time Drone is a weekly show at electro-music radio featuring two hours of ambient music by Jack Hertz. Bert will be live in the studio with Jack Hertz to talk about the Percussa AudioCubes, and he'll do some live demonstrations of the AudioCubes.

If you'd like to ask some questions yourself, join the chatroom. You can tune in to the live show at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT streaming live over the Internet at

About Time Drone

Time Drone is a weekly show featuring two hours of ambient music by Jack Hertz and guests. Time Drone is focused on experimenting with very long forms of live improvisation that are meant to slow or extend the listeners' perception of time.

About Jack Hertz

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Jack's focus is on exploring innovation ways to create music as electronic music was meant to do. Today, he's working to creating new, amalgamated sounds and ways to control them. Taking queues from classic electronic and popular music. His approach is basic, yet robust. Perform on vintage hardware that is processed and controlled with cutting edge technology. In this way he can celebrate the past and introduce the future to young and old alike.

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