Valentine's Teaser - The Smashers featuring AudioCubes and Deckadance


Happy Valentine's day! The perfect day to share this great video made by the Smashers: "Valentine's mix 2012"

The story behind this video started one year ago. We were looking for a way to thank all the girls who've been supporting us even when we were djing in the smallest bedroom you can imagine. As kind of a "thank you", we came up with this idea to make the valentine's mix 2011 for our biggest supporters :-)

The mix of last year was recorded very cheaply by just fading one youtube video in and the other one out ;). The last couple of months we got to play in clubs and our djing skills evolved a lot. We came to the point where we decided we wanted to make our performance more unique than the one we had. That's how we decided to use the Percussa AudioCubes for our gigs together with Deckadance, professional DJ software from Image-Line.

It is so much fun when one person is using the Percussa AudioCubes for looping and mixing effects while the other one is looking in the tracklist for the next song, or the other way around. When using the Percussa AudioCubes together with Deckadance we experienced an easyness in djing we never had before. Also, it also looks outstanding when two guys are waving in front of two light-emitting cubes on stage ;)

So, we were talking this years valentine's mix, and we somehow ended up in my bathroom recording this video as teaser for this years mix. We made this video just for fun, but in the end we are overwhelmed by the positive response we got for this video ;) Anyway, the main thing why we did is to to thank all our friends for supporting us all the way so far...

Of course, we'd like to thank the Smashers for making this great video!

More information about the Smashers:

For those of you who're interested in using the Percussa AudioCubes together with Deckadance, we've created a special application for this: Deckabridge. For more information about Deckabridge click here.

Besides Deckabridge, we've created many other applications for the Percussa AudioCubes. Each application focuses on a specific use. Click here for an overview.