Phd Student looking for Max/MSP Java Programmer


AudioCubes (by Samantha Ewart, PhD student University of Western Sydney)AudioCubes (by Samantha Ewart, PhD student University of Western Sydney)

Samantha Ewart, PhD student at the University of Western Sydney (Australia), is looking for a max/msp java programmer who can help here modify JavaScript code for a Max/MSP Patch using AudioCubes. The patch is currently working for 4 Percussa AudioCubes, but the patch needs to be extended to eight AudioCubes.

On her blog, Interactive Music for Distraction- A PhD Journey, Samantha explains:

"Programming is needed to further develop interactive music games for hospitalised young people. The games were formulated from a co-design workshop with patients. The games will be constructed to benefit patients in terms of socialisation, creative engagement and wellbeing."

Requirements for the job: must have high level experience in Max/MSP, JavaScript, Java, MIDI, and Ableton Live

Timing: Job needs to be completed by late September

Fee: TBA ( price per hour or whole job price)

Interested? Please contact Samantha by email:

More information about Samantha Ewart's Research:
Samantha's blog:  Interactive Music for Distraction- A PhD Journey