Andrei Popa's The Road to Heaven Goes Through Hell (Music Review)


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Hi, Bert here from Percussa. It's time for another review of electronic music submitted to us through soundcloud!

33madspirals sends in 2 of the tracks from his album "The Road to Heaven Goes Through Hell".

"A new dimension"

This is track 2 on "The Road to Heaven goest through Hell" by 33madspirals on soundcloud (Andrei Popa, Sydney, Australia).

A new dimension opens with a pulsing, droning low frequency sound which slowly morphs into the same sound played at the next frequency through an interesting "swish" sound.

This interesting intro is followed by brutal synth bass lines, an electro rock drum groove which then comes into to support the bass line.

The production sounds great and the combination of sounds and instruments is very exciting to me. The track gives me the same feeling I had when I first heard music by Daft Punk from France.

Halfway the track a high-pitched pitch bent howling sound dominates the track, which at first sounds like it's synthetic but then seems to morph into a guitar lead sound, heavily processed.

What I find interesting about the track overal is how sounds morph into each other, sort of tricking the listener each time.

Around 3.24 into the track a slow melody comes in, played on a PPG wave-style synth sound, which abruptly ends the track. I'm personally not too excited about the way the track ends, but overall I'm impressed by the production and ideas in the track.


This is the 3rd track on "The Road to Heaven goes Through Hell".

Outside opens with a similar high energy electronically processed rock drumtrack as on "A new dimension" after which a bass synth establishes a basic groove, which breaks down into more of a background bass groove around 0.30 when single notes are played. I love the bass sound, which reminds me of some of Justice's music.

Around 0.50 the bass takes up the role of melody again and grabs the main attention of the listener. Around 1.16 the main theme comes in again from the very beginning. This theme gets support around 1.30 from a beautiful synth lead playing a few octaves higher and forming a 2nd melodic theme, which brings the track to a climax around 2.30 after which the track abruptly changes into the basic drum groove supported by an interplay of bass synth sounds, producing a kind of gated effect in the sound.

Around 3.08 the track changes again abruptly, bringing in a synthetic drum groove which gets support around 3.20 from circuit bent sounds, playing in an interesting loop. around 3.50 the main theme from the beginning of the track comes in again, and gets support around 4.00 from the synth lead sounds playing again a few octaves higher.

What I find really interesting about this track is that it gives you the impression that there is little relationship between the various parts through which the artist takes you, but as you listen to more of the track, it becomes clear that the same themes come back in various ways, and that they actually do have a relationship and fit together.


I'm very impressed by the submission of these tracks: I really like the production and the combination of sounds and instruments used. Although at first the tracks seemed a bit disorienting, I can see myself totally enjoying these and the rest of the album, and will add these too my playlist right away.

Andrei Popa about 33madspirals:

33madspirals does music/film/photography and everything in between, blurring the lines between reality and dreams.

Originally from Romania, experienced in Australia, passionated for as long as can remember about all things creative, 33madspirals manages to convey a mesh of unique worlds, moods and sensations across different mediums.

33madspiralses music can either be dark, exploring the hidden side of the human psyche, or can it be uplifting and contagious.

Check out "Chocolates", one of his latest movies:

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