Modular Synthesizer for AudioCubes: Synthor



Modular Synthesizer app for AudioCubes

We're working on a new application for the AudioCubes: Synthor. Synthor is a modular synthesizer application for 8 AudioCubes made in Max/Msp. We are developing the synth in Max, but will very likely build a VST version once we're happy with our Max patch.

In our modular synthesizer application we're using 2 sides of the audiocube as an input and 2 sides of the audiocubes as an output. To make it more easy to remember which side of the cube is the input and which one is the output, we've put stickers on top of every cube. The black lines indicate the 2 outputs, and the other sides of the cubes are the inputs. Check out the video below.

In the video, the following synthesizer modules are used (colour coded): sine oscillators (green), state variable filter (yellow), white noise (blue), envelope generator (purple), ring modulator (orange), main speaker output (red).

The oscillators can be modulated in pitch, and the cutoff frequency of the SVF can also be modulated. The noise generator has no modulation inputs (but I might add one or two later down the line). The envelope generator has a duration input that can be modulated. The ring modulator has 2 signals inputs. The speaker output has 2 inputs but no outputs.

Keep an eye on our blog to grab this new free modular synthesizer for audiocubes and Max/MSP. Do you want to get a set of audiocubes? Enter your email address at