Audiovisual Modular Synthesizer: Demo II



Modular Synthesizer for AudioCubes: SynthorLast week, we talked about the modular synthesizer application we're working on for the AudioCubes: Synthor. In Synthor, each cube represents a synthesizer module (color coded). To remember which sides of the cubes are used as inputs and which ones as outputs, we attached a sticker on the top face of every cube. The dark lines indicate the 2 outputs. By adding/removing cubes we're adding and removing synthesizers modules.

This week, we made some changes to the oscillators and noise filters, and made 3 videos of the updates to the patch. Watch all three videos: Part 1 showcases oscillators, Parts 2 and 3 noise and filters

Below are the color codes we used in the videos:

4 Green cubes: sine, triangle and saw oscillators with frequency and duty cycle/sync inputs
2 Purple cubes: state variable filters with HP/LP and BP/NT outputs and cutoff frequency inputs
1 Blue cube: pink/white noise with sample and hold and state variable filters (LP) outputs, SAH control signal and filter cutoff inputs
1 Red cube: stereo output

Check out the videos below.

Part 1: Oscillators

Part 2: noise and filters

Part 3: noise and filters