Beat your music app competitors using next-gen user interface tech.

Increase productivity for your existing software users using AudioCubes

Easily create sound and music making software that takes advantage of the AudioCubes, the most advanced tangible user interface and physical computing platform in the world.

Dramatically increase productivity and user experience by linking data and functions to physical AudioCubes in the real world. Manipulate sound, images, visuals and music simply by grasping AudioCubes, aligning and rotating them.

Let your users save time by reducing pointing, clicking and touching. Interact with data and functions simply by directly manipulating them with your hands.

Beat the competition by taking advantage of the AudioCubes user interface

Build a new music synthesizer that creates sounds based on the location of AudioCubes in the real world. Completely rethink existing music and sound software workflows, and bring them to the next level using AudioCubes.

Create a music sequencer where you can simply modify note sequences by changing the order of physical AudioCubes. Develop a music puzzle using beautiful light emitting AudioCubes, where each AudioCube consists of a different part of the music. Inspire both kids and adults. Create an interactive installation where people can walk up and manipulate sound simply by grasping, touching and moving objects. Enable social interaction, music, sound and visual creation and play.

Seamless integration with your existing code base

Are you a C/C++ developer? Do you want to build a VST effect or synthesizer that uses the AudioCubes?

Or perhaps you develop your software using python, ruby or Javascript? We have static libraries and header files for communicating with the AudioCubes.

We welcome and applaud efforts to bring AudioCube compatibility to other programming languages and platforms, and are happy to share library source code under NDA.

Cross platform desktop and mobile support

AudioCubes work on Mac and Windows (PC) platforms. Do you need support for a different OS? Not a problem, just get in touch with us and we’re happy to help you connect to the cubes from your OS, wether mobile or desktop, and share technical info on the AudioCubes protocols.

Multiple options for connecting AudioCubes to your App

We provide an easy to use cross platform command line OSC server, which lets you talk to the AudioCubes network over the TCP/IP network or on your local computer. You get updates about the location and orientation of AudioCubes, as well as sensor data.

If you prefer to get data via MIDI, or need a simple GUI to set up the AudioCubes you can use MIDIBridge, our swiss knife for connecting the AudioCubes to any hardware or software that supports MIDI.

If you want to avoid middleware applications, you can use our C/C++ static lib or the various dynamic libraries contributed by the community.

Testimonial AudioCubes User

AudioCubes are fantastic performance tools, putting real showmanship into electronic music, but they're also a great way to get people interested in the projects you’re already working on. My work in integrating them with the open source music project Overtone has been a pleasure, not least because Percussa's support has been excellent. If you're creating the next great innovative soft- ware tool or instrument it should have at least a few AudioCubes involved!

-- Tom Oinn, freelance programmer and musician

Code examples

The easiest way to start working with AudioCubes in your software is using code examples. We have a download section where we pro- vide example patches and snippets of code which will help you get started quickly. Besides that there are various code examples and libraries contributed by the AudioCubes community.

Fast support

Do you need one on one support while working on your application? Percussa is a small company, and we’re there every day for our AudioCube users and developers. If you send us an email, you typically get an answer in a few hours, and you’ll never have to wait more than 24 hours for an answer. We’re here to help you and to make sure you get the most out of your AudioCubes.

Helpful community

Connect with other people who are working on projects involving AudioCubes. We’ve started a google group and a github organization together with other developers, to bring helper code and examples and assistance to new developers who are just starting out.


You can download OSCBridge as well as other developer tools for free in the downloads section of our website