Turn work into play while designing sounds for clients.

Unlock hidden sounds using EVOLVOR and AudioCubes

EVOLVOR is a MIDI application which generates LFO (low frequency oscillator) envelopes, and which it sends via MIDI to any hardware or software synthesizer or sound effect connected to your computer.

Each envelope can be drawn using the built-in graphical envelope editors. Envelopes can be played back and looped with adjustable speed (by setting the cycle time in milliseconds).

Envelopes can lead or follow, which means that they play back by themselves (lead) or sum their own looping signal with signals from other envelopes (follow).

How does EVOLVOR work?

Each of the envelopes is automatically linked to a physical AudioCube on your table, a smart wireless block capable of detecting other blocks nearby, which are also attached to (other) envelopes.

When blocks are next to each other, wireless connections are formed, and envelopes will automatically sum up in the EVOLVOR software, creating completely new LFOs for your synths and effects in real-time! AudioCubes display bright colours as visual feedback, which helps to remember which envelope is where on your table.

By drawing your own envelopes and looping and summing them at various speeds, you can create ever changing sounds and sound effects, and discover new sounds you never imagined before!

AudioCubes, the fastest and most stimulating modular interface for generating LFO signals

In EVOLVOR, envelopes are linked automatically to smart wireless blocks, called the AudioCubes. The envelopes are played back in a loop by the cubes. Generate complex LFO waveforms using smart wireless audiovisual blocks, the AudioCubes.

This unique hardware interface lets you directly and physically grasp envelope generators, and combine and mix and match them in various ways, to generate unique LFO signals, giving rise to completely new sounds you never heard before.

Each cube plays a MIDI continuous control change signal created using its envelope. Place cubes next to each other to make envelopes follow each other. Assign colours as visual feedback.

No pointing and clicking through endless graphical user interfaces. Just grasp the components of sound and music directly by grasping physical objects, and creating impressive new sounds previously inaccessible in your favourite synths and effects.

AudioCubes and EVOLVOR play well with your other hardware and software

Do you already have hardware and software for music making? No problem, each cube playing back an envelope in EVOLVOR can send MIDI continous control changes to a different MIDI port and channel.

Use one cube to generate an LFO for a dry/wet mix of a sound effect on your computer, and another cube to generate an LFO for a cutoff frequency on your favourite synth's filter. Put the cubes together to let the LFOs sum and interact, thereby letting qualities of your sound interact. The possibilities are endless.

Easily save and recall your work

Once you've drawn your envelopes, and set up your cubes using different colours, it's a snap to save your work to a settings file, which you can then load up anytime you need to continue working on your sound design, composition or production project. Songs are stored in a simple text format for easy exchange online in forums.

Key Feature Summary for EVOLVOR

  • Graphically create envelopes and LFOs using breakpoint editors
  • Send envelopes easily via MIDI as continuous control changes to hardware or software
  • Send envelopes for different cubes easily to different MIDI ports and channels
  • Use different cycle times and speeds for your different LFOs and envelopes to create interesting effects over time
  • Use cube colours for visual feedback
  • Easily mix and match envelopes into totally new LFOs
  • Use physical smart wireless cubes to quickly mix, sum and match LFOs
  • Get totally new sounds out of your favourite synths and effects using complex LFOs
  • Easily load and save your work using online friendly text format song files

Manual & Download

Learn more about EVOLVOR by checking out the EVOLVOR manual.

You can download EVOLVOR for free in the downloads section of our website