MIDIBridge: control your favourite MIDI effects and instruments using your hands and fingers through AudioCubes.

MIDIBridge is an easy to use software application to use Percussa AudioCubes with your favourite MIDI instruments and effects. This way, AudioCubes becomes a powerful gestural audiovisual MIDI controller.

Use MIDIBridge to integrate AudioCubes in your live performance setup, DJ sets, sound design work, ... the possibilities are endless.

Check out the video below in which Colorado based artist Mark Mosher uses AudioCubes with MIDIBridge.


In MIDIBridge, you can use AudioCubes to generate note triggers (when cubes are placed next to each other or turned), as well as generate continous control messages, which can be used to control parameters of your favourite MIDI compatible instrument or effect, similar to how a Theremin works: hand gestures control filter cutoff frequency, pitch, volume, etc.

For all you Open Sound Control geeks out there, we also have an OSC server, which works similarly to MIDIBRIDGE, but it's a command line application.

Key Feature Summary for MIDIBridge

  • Built in full colour RGB lighting with 12bit resolution
  • Colour mixing through automation in your DAW
  • 4 sensors per cube control 4 sound parameters in realtime
  • Use multiple cubes to control multiple effects/instruments
  • Colors can be synced to drum machine tempos
  • Sequence colours through MIDI control changes
  • High speed and low latency for great responsiveness
  • Sense distances in 4 directions per audiocube
  • Sync colors to DJ software beat clock via MIDI
  • Link colours to distance information
  • Compatible with your existing MIDI hardware and software
  • Use cube position/orientation to trigger loops, sounds
  • Realtime colour mixing using any MIDI knob box
  • Match cube colours to video colours in VJ software
  • Control 4 parameters of sound using your fingers and hands
  • Turn effects/instruments on/off using location/orientation

Manual & Download

Learn more about MIDIBridge by checking out the MIDIBridge manual.

You can download MIDIBridge for free in the downloads section of our website