MIDIBridge: modular midi control
and sound synthesis software

Digital modular synthesizer

Fast, visual and powerful patching without cables.
Create connections between sound processing modules by placing cubes next to each other.
Change synthesis parameters using distance between cubes.
Learn more about SYNTHOR, a digital modular synthesizer built into MIDIBridge.

Generative Sequencer

Compose generative music using AudioCubes and IMPROVISOR, a generative sequencer built into MIDIBridge.
Each AudioCube is linked to its own semitone and velocity pattern, and when cubes detect each other, the semitone patterns will add up, giving rise to totally new patterns!
Send generative note sequences to any midi compatible hardware or software device. Rotate cubes to play variations of sequences. Learn more about IMPROVISOR.

Advanced MIDI-Controller

You can use the relative position, orientation and distance between AudioCubes to generate MIDI note triggers and CC messages to start and stop sounds, turn effects on or off, change effect parameters.
For example, you can change the filter cutoff of a synthesizer, by MIDI mapping the AudioCubes to your favourite MIDI software/hardware.
The possibilities are endless. The AudioCubes are used in many ways by professional artists all around the world for live performance, music composition, sound design, interactive installations, …
Learn more about the Applications.


Live Performance

AudioCubes can make your live performance visual and gestural by using AudioCubes to generate MIDI notes as well as using distance to the sensors to control parameters in your DAW. The more AudioCubes you have, the more impressive your performance will be.

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Sound Design

Create new interesting and unique sounds in an exploratory and experimental approach using AudioCubes. With AudioCubes, you can easily manipulate and create totally new sounds by moving your hands/fingers closer/further away from the onboard sensors of the AudioCube.

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Music Education

Students can experiment with the AudioCubes by themselves as well as in small groups without having to sit behind a computer and use a mouse or keyboard! It’s just them, the audiocubes and the sounds and colours they create. As a teacher you can leverage our powerful AudioCubes software to set up different sound and music experiments.

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Music Composition

Compose complex melodies and rhythms in a generative way using AudioCubes. By moving AudioCubes next to each other you can easily experiment and mix and match patterns using IMPROVISOR mode in MIDIBridge: generative MIDI Sequencer for AudioCubes.

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Music Therapy

As a music or sound therapist, you can use AudioCubes to help people through sound, music and colours. Use our powerful AudioCubes software to set up different audiovisual setups in which people can explore, focus, and relax through interacting with the AudioCubes.

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Interactive Installation

You can build an interactive sound and light installation where visitors can interact with each other, sounds and visuals. Imagine a room where visitors can grab an AudioCube, go to the other side of the room, while controlling effects and receiving feedback by moving their hands and fingers in front of the sensors.

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Downloads & Manual

Learn more about MIDIBridge in the MIDIBridge manual.

Download MIDIBridge for free in the downloads section of our website.