The only FM synthesizer in the world that can sense your hands and fingers and turn your gestures into sound.

FM Synthesis

Hand & Fingers


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FM Synthesis, the Percussa way

We started with 4 oscillators, each with their own waveform mixes, made up of sine, saw, square, triangle, and noise waveforms, and with their own state variable filters. The oscillators are controllable by the keyboard or manually, and have their own ADSRs and master out levels. Oscillators can modulate each other in pitch or amplitude and can easily be overdriven for very interesting sound effects. Storing and recalling presets is easy, since SOUNDOR is a Max4Live device. The presets are stored within Ableton Live's library.

Turn hand and finger gestures into sound

FM Synthesis is one of the most interesting but also most confusing and challenging ways to create synthetic sound. Most FM synthesizers use abstract concepts of operators and modulation matrices, and focus little on intuitive ways to create sounds, simply using your hands, fingers and ears. Through an AudioCube, you can directly control 24 parameters of the FM synthesizer, using its 4 high speed and high resolution sensors. The sensors can measure distance to your hands and fingers in 4 directions, and SOUNDOR instantly turns the tiniest gestures into sound. No need to use knobs or faders. One AudioCube, your hands and fingers, and a foot pedal, and you're off on a sound creation journey.

Audio Demo

Wind and Water Video Demo

In this video, you can see how you can easily create wind and bubbling water sounds using an AudioCube, Soundor and a simple foot pedal. Press the pedal down to enable control of the synthesizer using the AudioCube, and release the foot pedal if you want to "lock" the sound where it is or stop controlling the sound using the AudioCube.

Open source, for maximum flexibility

Rather than make SOUNDOR a closed source project, we decided to share the code under the Creative Commons license. You are free to reuse and change the code, for non-commercial purposes, as long as you give attribution and share your work under the same license. We hope you join us in exploring the possibilities of SOUNDOR and AudioCubes!

Soundor is Copyright Bert Schiettecatte.

Painless hardware and software integration

SOUNDOR is a Max4Live device, which works inside Ableton Live. Max4Live is the new synthesizer / audio effect standard created by Cycling74 and Ableton. Adding SOUNDOR to your Ableton Live project is easy - just drag and drop the device on a MIDI track and you're ready to go. The device connects without any mapping, configuration or setup, to an AudioCube.


The Max4Live device Soundor works on OSX and Windows. Go to the download section of the website to register and download Soundor.