Use AudioCubes at every step of your workflow.

Explore the FREE applications we've created for the AudioCubes.


Use the AudioCubes with your existing MIDI compatible hardware instruments or software for audio or visuals.

Send MIDI notes to your DAW.

When putting the cubes next to each other, MIDI notes are generated, and can be used to trigger loops in your MIDI software or hardware.

Modulate effects using your hands.

Every AudioCube has 4 onboard sensors which can be used to sense distances. The data can be sent as a MIDI CCs to modulate an effect or instrument in your MIDI software or hardware.

Use cube colours for visual feedback.

Use MIDI CCs to mix colours by changing the intensity of the red, green and blue channels, to sync the colors to the MIDI clock signal of other hardware and software.

Save your configuration settings.

To make a quick setup possible, you can save your configuration settings as a preset file.

Learn more about MIDIBridge.


Compose generative music that sounds like you.

MIDI sequencer.

Play back multiple step sequences with up to 64 steps in length. Each sequence is entered using velocity and semitone patterns, relative to a root note.

Create completely new melodies.

Semitone patterns are linked automatically to every AudioCube. By putting cubes next to each other, patterns are added up, and completely new melodies are created.

Play well with your other hardware and software.

Synchronize the melodies you created in improvisor with your drum machine or DAW software.

Easily save and recall your work.

Save your work to a settings file, which you can then load up anytime you need to continue working on your project.

Learn more about Improvisor.


Turn work into play while designing sounds for clients.

Easily create LFO envelopes.

Draw an LFO envelope for every parameter you want to modulate in your DAW. LFO envelopes are automatically attached to an AudioCube and sent as MIDI to your DAW to control a sound parameter.

Unlock hidden sounds.

LFOs are added up when putting cubes next to each other, and lets you create new sounds.

Plays well with your other hardware and software.

Works perfectly together with other MIDI compatible hardware and software.

Learn more about Evolvor.


The only FM synthesizer in the world that can sense your hands and fingers and turn your gestures into sound.

FM Synthesis, the Percussa way.

Max4Live device with 4 oscillators that are controllable by keyboard or manually. They modulate each other in pitch or amplitude, and can easily be overdriven for very interesting sound effects.

Turn hand and finger gestures into sound.

Through an AudioCube, you can directly control 24 parameters of the FM synthesizer, using its 4 high speed and high resolution sensors.

Painless hardware and software integration.

Connects without any mapping, configuration or setup, to an AudioCube.

Open source, for maximum flexibility.

Reuse and change the code, for non-commercial purposes, as long as you give attribution and share your work under the same Creative Commons license.

Learn more about Soundor.


Make your own software for the AudioCubes.

Detecting cube location and orientation.

Always receive real-time cube location and orientation up to 16 cubes per USB port.

Using sensor distance information from the cubes.

Send sensor update messages to your favourite application supporting OSC to control effects or instrument parameters.

Changing colours for cubes via the network.

Pass messages around, such that you can change colours for any cube no matter where it is located in the network.

Working with multiple computers in installations.

Use several laptops with AudioCubes that are on a different location but on the same (wireless) network.

Learn more about OSCBridge.


Record, loop, process and assemble musical information, to quickly develop musical ideas.

Record loops into an AudioCube.

Record loops and input from your favourite MIDI keyboard or controller into a cube.

Easily process loops.

Each cube can be set to run MIDI effects, and send the MIDI to a cube nearby.

Mute/Unmute looping track.

Link a cube to a software instrument, and bring cubes in and out of the network to mute/unmute a “looping track”.

Host your favourite VST/AU instruments.

VST/AU instruments are loaded in a rack. The MIDI generated by the cubes is sent to the VST/AU instrument which transforms them into audio.

You can download Modulor for free in the downloads section of our website.


Use the AudioCubes with your existing VST instruments to create sounds and loops.

Host your VST instruments.

Interact with your VST instruments in a hands on fashion way to create interesting sound material and loops.

Loop and record.

The software will loop and record, and will let you record your interactions and play over them continuously. There are various controls available for the loop memory and to freeze the loop once you are satisfied with it.

Record to WAV file.

The resulting sound can be recorded to WAV files on your computer's hard disk. If necessary you can import the files into your favourite DAW for further editing and mixing.

You can download Loopshaper for free in the downloads section of our website.


Use the AudioCubes with your existing DAW software and plugins.

Host VST/AU plugin.

Hosts a VST or AudioUnit plugin, because it’s a host in itself.

No MIDI mapping needed.

The plugin lets you quickly map AudioCube sensors to your VST or AudioUnit effect or instrument parameters.

Control the colors.

Control the cubes’ colours using MIDI controllers. Intensity can be controlled for the red, green and blue channels. Map notes from your MIDI score to cube colours.

You can download PluginWrapper for free in the downloads section of our website.


Use your AudioCubes with Deckadance, a professional digital DJ software by Image-Line.

Control the transport.

Stop the track and seek forward and backwards in it, using your hands and the faces of the AudioCubes.

Control loops.

Trigger signals can be used to enable or disable loop points, and to change the loop length using the cube faces.

Control FX and EQ.

Use your hands to control low-mid-high frequency sliders of the EQ-section of the decks, or modulate the XY effect sections on the decks.

Control the Relooper beat slicer.

Control over the mode of the relooper on both decks and step through various Relooper patterns using the cubes.

Visual Feedback.

Set colours on the AudioCubes for Keeping an overview of your setup

You can download DeckaBridge for free in the downloads section of our website.


Modular VST Plugin

SYNTHOR is a modular synthesizer VST plugin designed for Percussa AudioCubes.

Linking AudioCubes to Modules

In SYNTHOR you can link every cube to a different module, such as filters and oscillators. The black lines at the top of the cubes indicate the outputs, and the opposite sites are the inputs of the modules.

Building a Network of AudioCubes

Control connections between modules and create signal by building a network of cubes. There are no cables needed.

Learn more about SYNTHOR.

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