Gestural Sound Design using your favourite synthesizers and AudioCubes.

There are many ways to come up with new sounds. Some professionals start with a library of their own recorded sounds, which are then carefully layered and processed to achieve the desired result.

Other people prefer a more exploratory and experimental approach, and like to work with synthesizers, in software or in hardware, to come up with interesting sounds.

No matter what your approach, with AudioCubes, you have the possibility to shape your sounds using hand and finger gestures: you can set up an AudioCube with our free MIDIBRIDGE software, and connect it via MIDI to your favourite synthesizer or effects processor, hardware or software.

Create sounds using your hands and AudioCubes!

An AudioCube is a smart cube capable of sensing distance in 4 directions, providing visual feedback through built in full colour lighting.

Move your hands closer and further away from an AudioCube to control up to 4 parameters of an effect or instrument.

AudioCubes lets you sculpt sound using your hands and fingers, and lets you feel the sound as you create it!

Shaping sounds in this fashion is much more intuitive than using knobs: rather than thinking about the particular setting a sound parameter should have, you can concentrate on the quality and timbre of the sound as you manipulate the sound using your hands and fingers.

You are not limited to creating electronic sounds: you can use AudioCubes with any MIDI compatible software or hardware you already have, so you can control a sample of an acoustic

Use your fingers, hands and ears to shape sounds

With AudioCubes, you can easily manipulate and create totally new sounds, because the 4 onboard sensors give you access to 4 dimensions of sound control.

Each AudioCube has a built in full colour LED lighting source, which you can link to sound parameters, and which can give you visual feedback while you control the sound with your hands or fingers.

Each cube sends 4 different MIDI continous control changes for its sensor signals, and it accepts 3 MIDI continous control changes for colour mixing (red, green, blue).

This means you can send 4 parameter changes to your favourite instrument, and control the colour of the cubes using the distance to your fingers or hands, for example.

No pointing and clicking through endless graphical user interfaces. Just touch the AudioCube with your hands or fingers, and experience direct and tactile sound creation.

Shape, sculpt and manipulate sounds beyond your imagination, using the software and hardware MIDI Compatible instruments you already love. Create impressive new sounds previously inaccessible in your favourite synths and effects.


Does AudioCubes work with my existing hardware and software?

Do you already have hardware and software for creating sounds? No problem, AudioCubes easily connect to your existing hardware and software MIDI devices using our free MIDIBridge application.

MIDIBridge sends MIDI Continuous control changes to your favourite software for creating sounds and music, such as Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Image Line FL Studio, Propellerhead Reason and Record, Apple Garageband, ... we even have special sound packs for Ableton Live which you can use as a starting point for your sound shaping sessions.

Do you want to use your favourite hardware synths for shaping and sculpting sounds? Perhaps you have a Korg Wavestation or an Access Virus, or maybe even a Nord Modular? No problem, MIDIBridge and AudioCubes work with all of these synths via MIDI.

If you like visual feedback while you are manipulating sounds, you can use the built in full colour RGB lighting of the AudioCube. Link each of the 4 high speed infrared sensors to a colour component or simply control the colours from your favourite MIDI compatible hardware or software device using MIDI CCs.