Percussa announces Wireless AudioCubes PRO, available now


UPDATE: check out the high resolution images of the Percussa Wireless AudioCubes PRO here

We're very proud to announce that we're releasing a new version of the wireless audiocubes: the Percussa Wireless AudioCubes PRO.

The Percussa Wireless AudioCubes PRO have the same built in electronics as the Wireless AudioCubes, but will come with a high-quality housing that has increased impact and wear resistance.

**Software updates will continue to work on the previous version of the Wireless AudioCubes, and will work equally well on the new version, the Wireless AudioCubes PRO. **

Instead of continuing to produce a housing from two U shaped parts, which are produced by laser cutting, bending and gluing processes, we've decided to opt for a new design, advanced materials such as Delrin and Polycarbonate, and production processes such as CNC milling and molding.

**Bert has been working on this updated design for more than a year, going over countless variations and possible ways to produce the new AudioCubes, until arriving at the design you can see above and below in the image gallery. **

The Percussa Wireless AudioCubes PRO will consist of 2 parts. The top part will be made of white translucent material, and bottom part of opaque black material. The black material will enhance the contrast of the colours displayed by the top part. 

We decided to make these changes to give you, the AudioCubist, an even better experience when using AudioCubes on stage or in the studio: **an updated design, increased colour contrast, improved impact and wear resistance and easier maintenance. All of these changes will push AudioCubes to the next level. **

We'll be posting more info about the housing on the newsletter and on our blog in the next weeks. Meanwhile, check out the renderings below!

We have limited inventory of this new version of the AudioCubes, the Wireless AudioCubes PRO. If you want to make sure you get the new version, head over to our pricing page, and order now.