Synthesize, Compose, Sense,
and Control using AudioCubes

Modular synthesizer and MIDI-controller in one

MIDIBridge is our powerful free middleware software application that comes with the AudioCubes that lets you create your own sounds with the AudioCubes without needing any other software as well as use the AudioCubes with your favorite MIDI compatible software/hardware.

Synthor: digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes

Synthor is the digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes which is built into our MIDIBridge software. In Synthor you can simply assign a synth module to every AudioCube and patch the modules together by placing the AudioCubes next to each other. By moving the AudioCubes further or closer to each other you change the modulation depth.

Advanced MIDI-controller

Through our MIDIBridge application you can send MIDI note triggers as well as MIDI continuous controller messages (CCs) to your favorite MIDI compatible hardware and software.

When AudioCubes detect each other as you place them next to each other, MIDIBridge sends MIDI notes, which can be used to start and stop sounds or loops, turn effects on or off, etc. As you move cubes further away from each other or closer to each other, MIDIBridge sends MIDI CC messages which you can use to change effect parameters.

Sense and detect other cubes and hands

The AudioCubes can detect each other's relative location and orientation as well as sense distance to each other, as well to your hands or other objects nearby. All the data is wirelessly transmitted and in real time to the base station cube which is connected to the computer. The MIDI data can then be used in Synthor to make your own sounds or can be send to any other MIDI compatible software or hardware.

Use up to 15 wireless AudioCubes together

Simply connect one AudioCube with a cable and then turn on the other AudioCubes. Up to 15 wireless AudioCubes can be automatically detected and form a star network with base station cube which is plugged in via USB. You can get cube location/orientation/distance data all at the same time via MIDI.

High quality housing and materials

The percussa audiocubes wireless pro are the third generation of AudioCubes that come with a wireless module and a high-quality housing that has increased impact and wear resistance. The housing is CNC milled from solid blocks of delrin. By giving the bottom part a black color, it enhances the contrast of the colours displayed by the top part.

Tiny powerful computer inside every AudioCube

Each AudioCube has a tiny computer inside that lets you use its 4 sensitive infrared sensor ports to sense orientation and location between other cubes, and sense distance between other cubes and your hands, and this works for up to 15 wireless cubes. They each have a built-in wireless module, powered by a custom wireless protocol that is based on the 2.4 GHz wireless radio band.