FM Synthesis in Reaktor using AudioCubes Topology by Salamanderanagram (part 1)


Salamanderanagram shared with us 2 videos about FM synthesis in Reaktor using AudioCubes topology. One video shows an FM operator synth he built in Reaktor using Topology mode while the other video goes into detail how the synth was built and connected to the AudioCubes, which gives you a great starting point if you want to build your own synth using the AudioCubes and Reaktor!

In the first video Salamanderanagram shows off a very simple FM operator synth which he built in Reaktor, and demos it using the AudioCubes. To control the FM synth he is using MIDIBridge 3 for AudioCubes, and uses the new topology mode. Topology mode will send MIDI note triggers when cubes detect each other and will send MIDI CC messages for the distance between the cubes. This makes it easy to connect things when cubes detect each other and to change sound parameters when the distance is changed between cubes.

In the case of the FM synth in this video, when cubes detect each other, FM operators (sine oscillators) are connected so they can modulate each other. By moving the cubes closer or further away, parameters of the oscillators can be changed. In his setup depth modulation, width modulation and ring modulation parameters are changed when the distance between the cubes changes. Oscillators can also modulate each other simultaneously when 2 cubes are placed together which creates very interesting results! Finally, when you turn a cube, you can change the parameters that are being modulated, from ring modulation to feedback for example.

To easily demo the synth a step sequencer is connected to it, which plays back a note pattern while the cubes are moved and oscillators connect and disconnect and parameters are changed.

To learn more about how the synth was built and connected to the AudioCubes, check out part 2.