Synthor Preview: Digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes


As you know, the AudioCubes started as an advanced object based MIDI controller for professional artists, such as live performers, sound designers, composers, teachers, …

With Synthor we are taking AudioCubes to the next level. We’re adding audio input and output to our MIDIBridge software, and building a synthesizer into the software, which is called Synthor.

Synthor, the digital modular synthesizer integrated in MIDIBridge

Synthor allows you to assign sound processors and generators to the AudioCubes, and lets you patch them together using the AudioCubes. You do this by placing the AudioCubes next to each other. The power of patching in Synthor comes from its ability to make multiple patch connections as you build a network of cubes. In a normal modular synthesizer, you make one connection at a time. With Synthor, you can make multiple connections by placing cubes together. Synthor takes modular synthesizer patching to the next level!

Synthor also gives you real time high speed parameter control: when you move cubes further or closer to each other, the software will control and scale synthesizer parameters such as modulation depth. Imagine two oscillator cubes, placed together. One oscillator modulates the other one, in amplitude, or frequency, as soon as the cube detect each other. As you move the cubes closer or further away, the distance between the cubes will change the modulation depth!

So in summary, with Synthor, you can patch multiple cables, and change modulation depth for these multiple connections, all at the same time, using only two hands :-) Synthor pushes the concept of a modular synthesizer to the next level.

Last but not least, you can save and load module assignments to/from preset files. Let’s say you have 8 cubes. You could have a group of oscillator and step sequencer cubes in one setup, but if you load a different settings file, which you might have saved at another time, you can recall a totally different setup, for example consisting of a group of filters and noise generators! This way you can play a live set with a modular synthesizer, and recall a totally different setup for every song. You can even switch presets using program changes (a feature that has been in MIDIBridge for several versions, by the way).

We’ve already got a wavetable oscillator, waveshaper, state-variable filter, noise generators, step sequencer, envelope generator, DC level generator and LFOs built into Synthor.

Here is a video from a quick testing session I did in our new demo room:

Frequency and Amplitude Modulation Demo with Synthor