Gestural sound modulation and patching using distance and rotation


Past week, we've been working on creating new presents for SYNTHOR, the digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes.

Whereas previous SYNTHOR demos were focused on noise drones, I'd like to show you a variety of other sounds you can make using our synthesizer in this new series of videos.

For those of you who don't know yet how our digital modular synth works, each AudioCube represents a synth module (oscillator, comb filter, noise generator, etc). As you place the cubes next to each other, signal connections are made like in a normal modular synthesizer, but as you move cubes closer to each other, the modulation depth of the signal changes, which gives you incredible expressiveness in the sound and which is impossible to do with any other modular synthesizer.

In this first video, I'm focusing on the gestural aspect of our digital modular synthesizer and how you can patch and at the same time use the distance and rotation of the AudioCubes to change the modulation depth of the modules. You'll notice that even a small rotation of the cube decreases the modulation depth of the module because the sensors of the cubes have a viewing angle.