AudioCubes: smart cubes for sound,

music and visuals

Comes with great software, manuals and sounds. Integrates with your favourite hardware and software. High speed and low latency. Full colour visuals.

What are AudioCubes?

Modular Synthesizer Demo

Meet our Team

Great software, manuals and sounds.

Several software applications have been created for the AudioCubes. Each software application is created for a specific use, and comes with a manual. Besides software, the AudioCubes also come with sound packages.

Integrates with your favourite tools.

The AudioCubes work with any software and hardware that supports MIDI or OSC, such as Ableton Live, Logic, Max/MSP, Pure Data, Hardware Synthesizers, Drum Machines, etc.

High speed and low latency.

The AudioCubes work without drivers, are plug and play and communicate using high speed (USB) HID. The AudioCubes data updates at 1kHz sample rate so latency is on the order of a few milliseconds.

Full colour visuals.

The AudioCubes give you visual feedback while manipulating sounds through the built in full colour RGB lighting. You can also control the colours of the AudioCube from your favourite MIDI compatible hardware or software.

For Sound Designers

Create new sounds by moving your hands and fingers closer or further away from an AudioCube.

For Teachers

Inspire and motivate kids to learn through sound, music and visuals.

For Developers

Create a project, software or installation using the AudioCubes.

For Live Performers

For Composers

For DJs and VJs

Create an impressive live show and engage your audience

Compose complex melodies and rhythms in a generative way using the AudioCubes

Control the effects of your DJ setup and/or the visuals of your VJ setup.